È tempo di librarsi. What does it mean?

“We might say that throughout the centuries two opposing tendencies have competed: one tries to make language into a weightless element that hovers above things like a cloud or better, perhaps, the finest dust or better still, a field of magnetic impulses. The other tries to give language the weight, density and concreteness of things, bodies, and sensations.”  

The second edition of Campania Libri Festival, which will be held from the 5th to the 8th of October 2023, is dedicated to writer Italo Calvino – on the centenary of his birth – and his concept of Lightness.  

“Lightness of thoughtfulness”, as the author defined it in his book Six Memos for the Next Millennium: the lightness of Guido Cavalcanti hovering lightly over the grave in a Boccaccio novel, while dodging the empty frivulence of the times in support of a different idea of levity, full of meaning; the lightness of Perseus who deflects – but does not avoid – Medusa’s gaze, finding a way to deal with it without being overwhelmed by it, and finally lays the monster’s head on a bed of watery herbs to quench his thirst, to then realise that same gaze of death has turned the vegetation on which it rests into magnificent coral. Everything, read in the right light, is fertile ground for poetry, exchange, confrontation: every ‘weight’ conceals within itself the germ of elevation. 

Exercising one’s right to lightness is the only antidote to the ‘slow stoning’ of the world; a means to understand the present. Therefore, it’s time to “raise oneself above the weight of the world”; or better yet, ‘librarsi’.

Campania Libri Festival is a free event dedicated to books and publishing promoted by Fondazione Campania Dei Festival – chaired by Alessandro Barbano with the artistic direction of Ruggero Cappuccio – under the editorial curatorship of professor and philosopher Massimo Adinolfi. The Festival, now in its second edition, is held in Naples’ Royal Palace and provides a unique meeting and debate opportunity for national and international readers, writers and publishers.

Relive the thrill of the first edition



di Massimo Adinolfi


Palazzo Reale sarà la “casa” del festival insieme alla Biblioteca Nazionale

Gli stand del percorso fieristico saranno allestiti tra i cortili storici di Palazzo Reale di Napoli, nel cuore della città, a pochi passi da piazza del Plebiscito.
Gli spazi di Palazzo Reale (spazio Guarracino, spazio Sibilla, spazio Colapesce, spazio Sirena, spazio Virgilio) e le sale dalla Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli Vittorio Emanuele III (sala Rari, sala della Lettura, sala del Camino) ospiteranno gli incontri, i laboratori e le lezioni mirate.
Una parte della programmazione è prevista invece al Teatro Politeama.

Librati con noi!

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