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Partecipazione Salone del Libro di Torino – Partecipazione Fiera del Libro di Francoforte


Soon it will be possible to make a reservation for the workshops on the website.  Reservations are necessarily required to join workshops.



From the 30th of September to the 2nd of October 2022, the writers Antonella Cilento and Giulio Mozzi will hold a creative writing workshop focused on the theme of listening. Both will develop the main topic along three different perspectives: the city, the nature, and the body.

On Friday 30 September 2022, the focus of the first meeting will be “Listening to the Voices of the City”. In this section, a practical workshop will learn about how to describe urban sounds. The second meeting of the same day will be dedicated to the theme of the city as a place of transit and exchange of information.

On the 1st of October, the workshop titled “Listening to nature” will look at the surrounding natural landscape to understand what really means nature today and what has ceased to be so.

The second workshop of the day will take place in the gardens of the Palazzo Reale, where it will be held an exercise about listening and listening to oneself, also by writing, and keeping in contact with nature.

On the 2nd of October, Antonella Cilento and Giulio Mozzi will hold a conversation with young students about the role of female and male writing body.

Antonella Cilento (Naples, 1970) has been among the writers who reached in 2014 the final of the prestigious Premio Strega for her book Lisario o il piacere infinito delle donne (Mondadori). She published many novels, including Isole senza mare (Guanda, 2009), Morfisa o l’acqua che dorme (Mondadori, 2018). For thirty years she has directed Lalineascritta Writing Workshops ( and she also coordinates the SEMA master’s degree in writing and publishing. Her teaching method is described in La caffettiera di carta (Bompiani, 2021). Columnist for “Donne Chiesa Mondo” and “Repubblica Napoli”, she also runs the international literature review Strane Coppie.

Giulio Mozzi, born in 1960, is based in Padua. He published several collections of short stories, such as: Questo è il giardino (Theoria, 1993), winner in the First Work category at the Premio Mondello; La felicità terrena (Einaudi, 1996), finalist to the Premio Strega; the novel Le ripetizioni (Marsilio, 2021), winner in the Italian Works category at the Premio Mondello; and other many works about writing theory and practice, such as Ricettario di scrittura creative (Zanichelli, 2000), co-written with Stefano Brugnolo, and Oracolo manuale per scrittrici e scrittori (Sonzogno, 2019). He has been teaching writing and storytelling since 1993, and in 2011 founded in Milan the Bottega di narrazione (


This workshop includes a series of meetings aimed at the young protagonists of the Giffoni Film Festival. On this occasion, children and teenagers will discuss the main topics of the Festival by telling their experiences and asking questions, as philosophy can educate, cultivate, and stimulate their own curiosity. Behind every word, there is a question to answer, just as behind every ball there is a boy or girl running towards it. And as each game has its rules for playing, so philosophy can open a way to raise questions.


The workshop, organised by Nadia Baldi, aims to involve young people from the Penal Institute of Airola. This project started from an encounter: the young detainees took part to the performance opening this year the Campania Teatro Festival 2022 edition. The workshop aims to strengthen the commitment of the Fondazione Campania dei Festival in social issues with the idea that prison can be not only a penal institution but also a cultural one. A place where contradictions can be enhanced to turn into constructive processes.


Organised by the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli

From graphic design to book illustration: the workshop will show all the processes aimed at the creation of art books. How does a book become an art object? What are the basic steps involved in the creation of these works? Professors and students from the Accademia di Belle Arti will tell the fascinating tricks of the trade.


Organised by Lucariello (Luca Caiazzo) and Clementino

The rap workshop focuses on rap writing, composition, and practice techniques. Students will learn how to write lyrics and turn them into musical compositions. The workshop will also teach a few techniques to transform stories into songs. Then the students will perform their works with the help of Lucariello, a lead rapper in the Neapolitan language, and Clementino, one of the most famous Italian rappers.

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