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GREEN: Words, stories, silences

While still nomads, our ancestors passed on to their children, whom they carried in their wombs or on their shoulders, the rhythm of storytelling through walking and the cadence of their steps: this was the first original scanning of time. To ask oneself what it means to tell a story means investigating about our times and paths nowadays; literature, as home to every story, is the dimension in which such need is most profoundly felt and becomes word, song, enchantment.

YELLOW: In the heart of present

“One cannot pout about one’s times with no harm”, said Robert Musil. In order to belong with time or to distance from it; to love modernity or to detach from it, one must find a way to understand the present and its contradictions; a way to read the signs of the times now passing and to try guessing those to come. 

BLUE: Across the sea and far away

What does the sea mean? It’s never just an overlook; sometimes it’s a wall. It’s adventure and danger. It’s encounter; exchange; struggle; conquest; domination. It’s the horizon and its broadness, but also a limit and an obstacle. The sea is soul and history to the city of Naples; the cradle of a boundless epic; vastness and distance, where to lose and find yourself again. The meaning of this journey lies in the exploration of these meanings along a plurality of lines, both real and metaphorical.

RED: Other frequencies

How does the new announce itself, if not as a signal still non decoded? And on what channel does the other broadcast, when its frequency is unknown? In the noise of today’s communication society, the most info-loaded mankind has ever experienced, a reflection on the great genres of identity and diversity – as Plato called them – and how they can claim their proper space becomes indispensable. Books’ pages certainly serve the purpose.

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